10 Crypto Gambling Statistics – Infographic

Key Statistics in the Crypto Gambling World: A Data Overview

Let’s explore pivotal statistics shaping the trajectory of the crypto-gambling sector.

10 Crypto Gambling Statistics

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Crypto Gambling Statistics – Infographic Transcript

1. Anticipated Market Growth

The online gambling market is projected to reach $150 billion by 2025, underlining significant anticipated growth.

2. Crypto Gambling Projection

Zooming into the crypto gambling sector, the projected value is set at $400 million, marking a significant milestone projected to be reached by the end of 2024.

3. Mobile Dominance

A noteworthy trend is the increasing shift towards mobile gambling. By the end of 2025, an estimated 85% of all bets are predicted to be placed on mobile devices.

4. Crypto Transaction Preferences

When it comes to transactions within the crypto-gambling niche, Bitcoin and Ethereum take the lead. Nearly 90% of all transactions occur using these preferred cryptocurrencies.

5. Sports Betting is on top

Surveying the preferences of crypto gamblers, 45% express a penchant for sports betting over traditional casino games.

6. Slot Enthusiasts

In the realm of casino games, slots emerge as the favorite, capturing the interest of 55% of enthusiasts.

7. Gender Dynamics

Gender dynamics play a role in the current gambling landscape, with 75% of all bets being placed by male players. However, projections for 2028 suggest a shift, with an estimated 35% of players being women.

8. Crypto Casino Boom

Looking into the future, the crypto casino industry is poised for growth, with over 1,000 crypto casinos anticipated to be online by the conclusion of 2025.

9. Gambling in Canada

In Canada, where gambling holds significant value, there are over 19 million active gamblers, showcasing a robust engagement with this form of entertainment.

10. Aussie Gambling Vibes

In Australia, 80% of adults partake in various forms of gambling, showcasing a widespread engagement with this form of entertainment.

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